OverView of our Services

At Polar Manufacturing we believe in straight forward service. We are dedicated to making sure our clients get the highest quality service, as you should expect from a tradesman who cares about his craft.  

Industrial Welding

Carl is a certified Journeyman welder with significant experience serving the oil and gas sector. His services include industrial welding, repairs, and fabrication (specializing in custom oilfield equipment).  He has the experience and certifications to work with aluminum and stainless.  

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Custom Fabrication

We have the skills and experience to manufacture a wide range of custom projects even beyond the industrial sector.  

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If you are interested in having customized features added to your new or existing projects we can help you plan which modifications would suit your specific needs best. We can provide advice and options based on our experience to ensure that your modifications are a perfect fit.

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Local Service

Polar Manufacturing is located in Fort St. John, BC and serves the Peace River Region. Part of the services we offer is the guarantee that should there be issues with our products or services, you will be able to get the support from us that you need to get back on track without having to be worried about calling a support line in another time zone.  

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