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Latitude Series

The Latitude series is an overhead telescopic welder boom designed to efficiently mobilize your wire feeder. It is made with tubular steel to allow for cables to be protected inside the boom arm and provide superb range of motion to ensure optimal working conditions. We hare happy to Provide FREE SHIPPING across Canada! 


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The Latitude changes the way you work. Wall mounted and built from quality tubular steel, it moves to place your welder where you need it without needing to muscle your machine around the shop. Cables and gas lines are protected inside the arm and never need to be individually moved or cleaned up. When your project is ready you simply move the arm to where you need it, and when finished move it back to its storage position.

There are also two optional hoist kits available to raise and lower the wire feeder for additional convenience.

The basic cable hoist option is great for changing out wire spools when needed, as well as occasional adjustments to suit working conditions.

The rugged chain hoist option should be selected by those who require continual usage, such as welders working on large projects, inside containments or on any other job where there is need for adjustments often throughout the day.


Size 14' (2 section) 20' (3 section) 28' (3 section)
Extended Length 14' 20' 28'
*Retracted Length 8' 8'8" 12'
**Floor Coverage (sq. ft.) 308 628 1232

*Overall length when retracted is 12" longer if hoist option is selected
**This is the area that the boom covers; actual welding area is even larger when considering the length of the welding gun.

All telescopic sections run on ball bearing rollers for easy positioning

Pivots on bronze bushings for 180° swing

Leveling feature on brace to ensure no creeping backwards or forwards

Safety markings for extra visibility

Welder cables and gas hose run inside the boom arm and enter/exit on the rollers during movement to eliminate possible damage

Designed to accommodate additional hoses inside tubular arm for additional productivity (power, air, etc…)

Complete package comes with a vertical post which ties top and bottom pivot together for easy installation.  It also serves as a conduit for the cables and hoses running up to the boom.

Optional Basic Cable Hoist Specifications: 

·         Lifting Height: 38 ft. 

·         Lifting Speed: 33 FPM 

·         Voltage Rating: 120 VAC 

·         Corded Remote 

·         Power up and down   

Optional Rugged Chain Hoist Specifications:

·         Double braking system includes both mechanical and regenerative brakes for added safety

·         Lifting Speed: Variable up to 44 FPM – use the best lift speed for the job

·         Voltage Rating: 120 VAC

·         Chain bag to keep chain clean and out of the way

·         Custom lift lengths up to 20’ to suit your requirements


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“The welder booms we purchased are nothing but a success as far as we are concerned. The leveling adjustment on the mounting brackets makes them user friendly and easy to install, and even the older style of units we purchased over 8 years ago, are still functioning well. We use these booms primarily in the tank fabrication shop where we often have the height of a tank wall to work over and it gets our wire feeder into the work space where the actual welding is being done.”


“Western Manufacturing Ltd. purchased their first welding booms from Polar Manufacturing in spring 2011 for our Hythe Facility. The Hythe Fab Shop has always had 100% floor space utilization and by moving the welders against the wall and hanging the wire feeders from the Polar booms that provide 180 degree operation together with telescoping action we have eliminated most of the floor clutter that was bothering us prior to installing the booms. Having the wire feeders off the floor significantly reduces the risk of damage to them as well puts them right where you need them every time! GO POLAR!”

“We wouldn’t be without Polar’s Boom Arms. They have made our work safer and much more productive. We attribute much of our recent project successes to productivity increases from the booms. They were a great assistance in working inside tanks.”

- Keman Holdings Inc.

“Easy to move the welder around the shop which saves a lot of time. We purchased two and then decided to buy two more. We loved having everything off the ground and out of the way.”