About Polar Manufacturing

Polar Manufacturing was founded in 2010 by Carl Peters after he moved to Fort St. John, BC from Manitoba. While living in Manitoba he and his family had built and designed welding booms and other projects, but after moving to the North Peace, Carl built a new prototype based on his experiences. The new product, an industry leading telescopic boom arm, enabled Polar Manufacturing to gain the attention of numerous businesses looking for a safer and more efficient way to weld, fabricate and repair the vital products that keep the energy sector going. There are currently 40 boom arms assisting welders all over the Peace Region and beyond.   

“The welder booms we purchased are nothing but a success as far as we are concerned.  The leveling adjustment on the mounting brackets makes them user friendly and easy to install, and even the older style of units we purchased over 8 years ago, are still functioning well.  We use these booms primarily in the tank fabrication shop where we often have the height of a tank wall to work over and it gets our wire feeder into the work space where the actual welding is being done.” 
Star Fabrication Ltd 

“Western Manufacturing Ltd. purchased their first welding booms from Polar Manufacturing in spring 2011 for our Hythe Facility. The Hythe Fab Shop has always had 100% floor space utilization and by moving the welders against the wall and hanging the wire feeders from the Polar booms that provide 180 degree operation together with telescoping action we have eliminated most of the floor clutter that was bothering us prior to installing the booms. Having the wire feeders off the floor significantly reduces the risk of damage to them as well puts them right where you need them every time! GO POLAR!”
Western Manufacturing Ltd

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Customers that use Polar Manufacturing

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